6 Things buyers look for in a prospective business acquisition

Some businesses have buyers lined up willing to pay top dollar, while others sit on the market for months, or even years. First, those things that buyers want must exist in the business before the sales process begins and it is your job as the owner to create value in your business prior to the sale. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and see what they would look for in a potential business to purchase and why they would be willing to pay top dollar for it. These value drivers play an important role to the overall sale of a business. Here are a few key value drivers that are important for most potential buyers, based, in part, on an article by Kevin Short of Clayton Capital Partners. 1)

5 Factors Impacting the Value of Your Business

The value of a business is impacted by many factors which may change from year to year. Here are five factors that might impact the value of your business: 1) Financial performance of the business – If the business has been growing and earnings are increasing, the value of the business is positively impacted. The converse is true, if the business has poor earnings, the value may be negatively impacted. To maximize your company’s value minimize those discretionary expenditures and work on developing increased sales. 2) Growth prospects for the company – Revenue growth drives most of the opportunities for a business to expand. Just as too low a growth rate may have a negative impact on the


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